Wonder Vivian
"Return of the Bushwackers!"
Part 1 of 3

Walter Lambkin
( POV ) Part 1

Part 2 & 3 include
Priscilla Rich the


Wonder Vivian
by Vivian Ireene Pierce

Wonder Girl
by Gabriel Del

The New Adventures of Wonder Vivian : Return of the Bushwackers! (Part 1 of 3)

                In our newest adventure, Wonder Vivian (played by fetish favorite Vivian Ireene Pierce) and Wonder Girl (played by the charming Gabrielle DelMonaco) are investigating reports that the evil cattle rustler known as Walter Lambkin has reappeared after two years of being missing-in-action.  Worse, he's trying to swindle the local Native American tribes out of a large parcel of land bequeathed to them by the federal government.  Walter Lambkin (with the help of an outsider, wealthy millionaire industrialist Priscilla Rich) has managed to convinced the tribal of native elders to sign over the parcel of land over to his custody... a piece of land he purchased from the Indians for next to nothing... and worth well over twenty million dollars!  As Wonder Vivian and Wonder Girl try to puzzle out why the Native Americans would agree to give away such a valuable piece of real estate property, they deduce that somehow the land must have great (albeit hidden) mineral resources and that somehow they need to find evidence that Walter has swindled the Indians out of their rightful claim.

               As the two superheroines discuss the situation in the old abandoned meatpacking plant, a rifle shot rings out in the distance and both startled heroines are snapped out of their intense discussion.  Ordering Wonder Girl to stay behind, Wonder Vivian goes off to investigate on her own.  After a few minutes of waiting for her older sister to come back, Wonder Girl gets a surprise visitor... Walter himself!  Entering the abandoned factory, Walt explains to the angry Wonder Girl that even now, his cowboy snipers are placed across the nearby rooftops and have the unsuspecting Wonder Vivian locked into their rifle-sights, and are waiting for the word to press the trigger and end Wonder Vivian's life with a sudden sniper shot through the chest!  Shocked at this brutal turn of events, Wonder Girl asks Walter what she can do to save her sister's life, and Walter informs Wonder Girl that if she were to voluntarily surrender as his prisoner, he'd cancel the signal to finish off Wonder Vivian.  Wanting to do anything to save the life of her big sister, Wonder Girl reluctantly complies, stripping herself of her wonder-weapons and removing all of her shiny metallic power items one by one.  Soon, Wonder Girl is no more than a helpless hostage of Walt Lambkin and the ruthless rancher delights in pulling out a strange-smelling swath of fabric and orders the powerless princess to inhale deeply.  Forced into doing so, Wonder Girl inhales and soon the heady fumes from the alchemical mixture soon robs her of her ability to think clearly.  The swooning Superheroine takes a few unsteady steps backwards and collapses onto the flatbed of a nearby ranch-truck, totally insensate.  As Walter laughs at the barely-coherent antics of the woozy Wonder Girl (now powerless and trapped as his captive) he admits that his REAL plan is to use the weakened Wonder Girl as bait in order to enact some brutal revenge upon Wonder Vivian and make her pay for interrupting cattle-rustling operations from years prior.  Wonder Girl is the irresistible bait in his sinister scheme to make Wonder Vivian pay... with her life!  Will he succeed?  Will Walter get his revenge on Wonder Vivian?  Will Wonder Girl escape?  Tune in... and find out!

                This video is for lovers of blackmail scenarios, self-sacrifice fetishes, de-powerment fetish (Wonder Girl's belt, lasso, and bracelets are all removed), sexy superheroines reacting as if under the influence of a 'Mickey Finn' style substance (weaving and wobbling unsteadily from side-to-side), slow panning shots of the defeated Superheroine laying prone in the back of a mini-truck, and plenty of Fausta-style scenarios where the heroine is forced by circumstances to remove herself from the situation by taking herself out with the aid of a foul mixture.  This story also has plenty of great comic-book story, pacing, and drama.  It's a video you don't want to miss! 

Video Includes:

Video Includes:  Spandex, Superheroine, Pantyhose, Boots, Depowerment of Belt / Lasso / Bracelets. Self Chloroforming,  Lassoing,  Blackmail Scenario.
(Flash Back includes Hand Cuff Bondage, and De-Belting.)

Running time: 29:31

Wonder Vivian "Return of the Bushwackers"
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