Wonder Vivian
"Return of the Bushwackers!"
Part 2 of 3

Walter Lambkin
( POV ) Part 1 & 2

Part 3 includes
Priscilla Rich The Cheetah
played by Elizabeth Huntington


Wonder Vivian
by Vivian Ireene Pierce

Wonder Girl
by Gabriel Del

The New Adventures of Wonder Vivian : Return of the Bushwackers! (Part 2 of 3)

               In part two of our story, Wonder Vivian (Vivian Ireene Pierce) is dashing across the dry Texas prairies in order to get to her sister Gabrielle (played by Gabrielle DelMonaco) in time before disaster falls. As Wonder Vivian approaches, she sees Walter Lambkin leveling his sidearm at the helpless Wonder Girl (who does not have her bullet-deflecting bracelets) and is about to meet her demise. Knowing she has only a second to act, Wonder Vivian pulls off her golden tiara and whirls it like a boomerang at the sinister cowboy. The magical tiara spins its way in at lightning speeds, knocking the gun clean out of Walter's hand before whistling back to Wonder Vivian's outstretched hand. Fumbling for his gun, Walter finally sees it lying on the dusty prairie floor, but Gabrielle kicks it away before he can pick it up again. Swearing vengeance on the powerless Wonder Girl, Walter comes in to throttle her windpipe and end her life, but Wonder Vivian detaches the magic lasso from her belt and whirls it above her head, easily looping it over Walter Lambkin's upper shoulders! Caught in the golden lasso, Walter tries to snap the thin rope but finds that it is incredibly strong. As the two amazons reel him in with the golden lasso like a big fish, the evil cowboy curses and twists in a vain attempt to get free of the magic lasso, but ultimately fails.

Interrogating Walter with the truth-compelling powers of the lasso, the two amazons find out that Wonder Girl's power items (her golden belt of strength, magic lasso, and feminum-steel bracelets) are separated and locked up in the main ranch-house, under careful watch. The two amazons also find out more about the land deal made with the Native Americans, including the fact that wealthy debutante Priscilla Rich (aka The Cheetah) was involved with the final negotiations that allowed Walter Lambkin to swindle the noble Massahouri tribe out of their tribal land. As Walter talks under the influence of the lasso, the two amazons discover that the Massahouri have a large gold deposit on their land, a vein of ore worth a sizeable fortune! Priscilla's industrial company accidentally discovered the deposit using seismic sonar, but could not claim the rights to mining the rich despoits of gold... until now!

Disgusted, Wonder Vivian orders Walter Lambkin to go to sleep, and he slowly passes out under the magical powers of the lasso. Now sleeping like a little baby, Wonder Vivian and Wonder Girl advance stealthily towards the main house. Careful not to be discovered, the two quiet amazons discuss the best way to try and find the property deed for the Massahouri land. Knowing that Walter's men are looking for them, the two women decide to go undercover and so after reaching the house they find women's clothing in a guest bedroom and start to change costumes in order to go about unnoticed. Realizing that transforming with their spin-changes will bring about too much light and noise, they have to do it the old-fashioned way. We are then treated to a delightful display as Wonder Vivian slowly strips out of her precious power items and her red-and-white boots. Then, she unlaces the back of her red-and-gold corset and slips out of it, revealing her bare back. Shimmying from side-to-side, she wiggles her way out of her skintight blue star-spangled shorts until they are a pile of crumpled blue spandex at her ankles. Reaching over for her disguise, Vivian slowly pulls up the shiny red leotard and slips it on, then pulls up her tight-fitting (low-rise) white denim jeans and carefully snaps them shut around her narrow waist. For her part, Gabrielle does the same, leaving her shiny lycra costume puddled around her feet as she grabs a red leotard and pulls it up over her narrow-yet-curvy frame, adding a pair of white pants to her ensemble as well. Now, dressed like cowgirls, both Wonder Women are ready to fight crime! But Gabrielle brings up a good point... without their power items, neither amazon could defend themselves should they be discovered! Realizing safety is more important than stealth, Wonder Vivian decides that they should both bring their power items with them, so both ladies don their fighting gear and wonder-weaponry in order to investigate Walter's home and find the swindled property deed in order to save the day and restore the land to where it rightfully belongs. Will they succeed?

This clip is for lovers of tiara-throwing boomerang action, a lengthy scene of magic lasso interrogation, but mostly this video is story-building and features an AMAZING striptease by both Vivian Ireene Pierce and Gabrielle DelMonaco as they strip down out of their costumes and go all the way down to just pantyhose. While there is no nudity (both models keep their backsides facing the camera) it is nevertheless an amazing and beautiful sight to see two gorgeous women strip down out of their costumes and then playfully reattire themselves in classic BUSHWACKERS costumes (red tops, white jeans, plus all the required Wonder-Accessories) in order to go undercover. This is a great video you will not want to miss!

Video Includes:
Spandex, Superheroine, Pantyhose, Boots, Lassoing, Lasso of Truth, Lasso Looping, Tiara Throw, Strip Tease of both Wonder Vivian & Wonder Girl, De-Booting 

Running time: 23:22

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