Wonder Vivian
"Return of the Bushwackers!"
Part 3 of 3


Priscilla Rich The Cheetah
played by Elizabeth


Wonder Vivian
by Vivian Ireene Pierce

Wonder Girl
by Gabriel Del

The New Adventures of Wonder Vivian : Return of the Bushwackers! (Part 3 of 3)

              Investigating the Emmitt Dawson ranchlands in South Fork, Texas for any signs of wrongdoing, a bushwacker-dressed Wondrous Girl (played by the lovely and willowy Gabrielle Delmonaco in a red blouse, tight-fitting white denim jeans, and her amazonian accessories) is searching the livestock barns for proof that there is a true supervillain on the prowl in the starry Texas nights. As she runs across Biff, one of the local rustlers, he makes a grab for her golden belt of power around WG's waistline, but she rebuffs his lecherous advances and sends him flipping through the air for a hundred feet when his weathered hands get a little too grabby. Crumpled on the ground, Wondrous Girl pulls out her magic lasso and quickly interrogates the battered and demoralized Biff as to where she can find the Cheetah.

On the other side of the ranch, Wonder Vivian (played by the curvaceous and multi-talented Vivian Ireene Pierce) is in hot pursuit of the Cheetah (played by our own sinister and sexy Elizabeth Huntington), whom she has been tracking since the end of chapter two. As Cheetah (now exhausted) collapses against an old elm tree, panting and out-of-breath from all her running, Wonder Vivian (not winded at all thanks to her amazonian stamina) cautiously advances and asks the Cheetah to peacefully surrender. Cheetah, snarling with disgust at her hated archenemy, unleashes her diamond-tipped claws and tries to slash Wonder Vivian's skin to ribbons. Wonder Vivian blocks the attacks with her indestructible bracelets but Cheetah gets in a lucky side-slash that makes Wonder Vivian grunt in pain. The amazon warrior delivers a punch strong enough to flatten a car and soon Cheetah's will to fight is all but extinguished. As the gasping Cheetah pulls forth a small sidearm, she empties the clip against the sexy superheroine in a flurry of steel-jacketed bullets, a deadly attack that Wonder Vivian gracefully deflects with her magical armbands. Flipping the sidearm around to use as a bludgeoning tool, Cheetah tries to cave in Wonder Vivian's skull but a last minute intervention by Wondrous Girl saves Wonder Vivian from a gruesome head-wound.

The reunion between sisters is cut short when the Cheetah pulls out her last trick to use against both amazons... a remote detonator! Revealing that Cheetah has planted over two-hundred sets of explosive charges all over the Emmitt Dawson property in the event that Emmitt was defeated, she threatens to remote-trigger the explosives, which will blow the ranch house, the servant's quarters, the guest bungalows, and all the stables in a gigantic mushroom cloud of fire that will eliminate over seventy innocent lives with the single flick of a switch! Not wishing to allow innocents to come to harm, Wonder Vivian and her sister reluctantly surrender, and Cheetah wastes no time in ordering them to remove their golden belts of power and their magic lassos, tossing them aside into the brush. The now-helpless heroines are marched towards the big house, while Cheetah spanks them across their powerless backsides if they dawdle for too long! After coming inside, Cheetah confiscates their feminum bracelets and their sexy red knee-high boots as well, leaving them with NO power items at all and no way for them to run away to get help should the opportunity arise. Bound to chairs with heavy white rope, their tight white denim jeans are unbuttoned and unzipped, revealing pantyhose-free bare legs and all-too vulnerable flesh! The barefoot amazons struggle to break the ropes but without their power belts they're just ordinary women at this point, and their attempts fail. Cheetah sends a ransom demand to the governor, a video showing the Cheetah groping the breasts and crotches of the powerless Wonder Vivian and her youthful sidekick and greedily asking for twenty million dollars for Wonder Vivian's safe return. Will the city do it? Will Wonder Vivian get twenty million for her safe return? Can she ever escape the lusty hands of her erstwhile nemesis and find a way to restore her superpowers?

This clip is for lovers of blackmail scenarios, white jeans fetish (including unbuttoning & unzipping and having the tight jeans pulled down around their feet), light groping and breast fondling, breast jiggling and shaking (all three models), rope bondage (including multiple scenes of on-screen tying and chair bondage featuring both superheroes and the villainess as well), multiple debootings and sock fetish and sock removal (all three models lose their footwear and get their super-stinky socks thrown in their faces as punishment), toe-spreading and toe-wiggling, debeltings (all three models get debelted), superheroines struggling while captured, butt spankings and ass-smacking, displays of super-strength and power, bullets-and-bracelets action, catfighting and girl/girl grappling, hostage negotiation scenarios, and lots of struggling and helpless heroines to satisfy even the most discerning viewer.

Video Includes:
Spandex, Superheroine, Pantyhose, Boots, Grouping All 3 Models, De-Booting, De-Pantsing, Socks, Feet, Toes, Foot Smelling,  Blackmailing, Force De-Powering, Bullet and Bracelets, Catfighting, Bondage All 3 Models, Revenge

Running time: 41

Bee Tokens
- 200 tokens

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