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Q.   Who Owns This Site?

A.    Vivian Ireene Pierce

Q.    Real Life or Fantasy?

A.      Pure and Simple, FANTASY.   All models/henchmen on this site are NOT actually being hurt, NOT actually in peril, NOT doing anything illegal, and NOT doing anything against their will.  This is all done in Fantasy/roll playing while having silly fun.   But, just so that we are completely clear:  ALL OF THIS IS PRETEND AND MAKE BELIEVE!!!  IT’S 100% FICTIONAL AND 100% CONSENSUAL!!! In other words, it's NOT real!!!

Q.    Does this site have Exclusive Content?

A.      Yes, most of it is, but not all of it.  Some of the content is shared by the photographer and Vivian.  She does have permission to use the content on her website.

Q.      Are DVD's available?

A.      Yes, By email request ONLY.   Please contact us.   You may pay by PayPal or by Check/Order.   Remember checks take longer to clear.   Email address is in contacts.

Q.      What shows up on my credit card or Bank statement?

A.       "Bee-Tokens" takes Visa, Master Card, and Checks on line.  To protect your privacy, charges will be processed securely and will appear discreetly as    "Bee-Tokens" on your credit card statement.    If you would like to learn more or have question about "Bee-Tokens", 

Q.      Can I pay by check or money order by mail.

A.       Yes, You may, please make check or money order out to Vivian Ireene Pierce, please attach a note stating your email address so I may send you your member information id code.  You May use your tokens on anything from the WonderVivian site, and Vivian Bound  and  WonderVivian pages at You may buy tokens here.

Q.      If You buy the tokens from Vivian directly.

A.       Buying the tokens from Vivian directly either though, check/money order or by paypal.  Vivian does not get charged %'s from Bee-Tokens and can give bonus tokens.   But all Tokens bought this way can only be used on content that is owned by Vivian Ireene Pierce, on and VivianBound-BondageTokens    

Q.      Why do you charge for this stuff?   Shouldn't the web be free?

A.       Just like you, we all need to eat, have a roof over our heads, and internet connection.   All of our models, photographers/videographers, and editors deserve all of these things just like you do.   If you give away our content, then there will be no more heroine/villain fun, or Wonder Vivian site, and bills will not be able to be paid.  So please be respectful, and responsible.  All of us here appreciate it.

Q.    Custom Shoots and Videos?

A.     Yes, We will consider some custom shoots.  Please contact us with a reasonable idea of a script and how long you would like your video, and we'll let you know if  it's possible and the cost. Price is based on content, length of the video and model availability.

Q.    Can I send Costumes or Supplies?

A.        Yes, you may send us anything you would like.  Costumes, Boots, Belts,   gadgets, or whatever you can think of.     We'll even try to be nice and take suggestions on powers or use of things you send within reason and possibilities.   Address to send things are in contacts. 

Q.    How do I open the .zip files?

A.    On Windows, just double click the .zip file, then a directory window will open.   Drag and drop the files to a normal directory on your hard drive.   If you do not have Windows, you can use a shareware file extractor such as WinZip or similar free programs.

Q.      What if I have  a problem with downloading purchased Stuff?

A.        Please feel free to contact us at for any and all technical issues or comments.

If you have any other questions please Contact us.  Thank you :)