Wonder Vivian
"The Academy!"

Part 3 of  3

Mistress Nixxs
by London Shadows


Wonder Vivian 
by Vivian Ireene Pierce

                "The Academy 3" Wonder Vivian's final punishment. In this 3rd and final part of this trilogy, Wonder Vivian has been completely depowered and is at the mercy of Mistress Nixxs. She has been beaten, and broken and is now ready to become the newest girl of the Academy. Wonder Vivian is forced to wear a school girl skirt so she can fit in with the other girls. Mistress Nixxs now well pleased with the seemingly broken superheroine, removes the shock collar and gloats of the defeated Wonder Vivian. But even without her power items, Wonder Vivian attacks Mistress Nixxs and begins to pummel her as she fights for her freedom. But the evil Head Mistress has more tricks up her sleeves and pulls out a cloth and put her hand over Wonder Vivian's mouth. Our brave heroine struggle beautifully but eventually lets out a soft moan as her eyes roll back in her head as she passes out. Wonder Vivian awakes locked in a strange chamber. Mistress Nixxs has one last punishment to deal out to the feisty young heroine. An Acid Shower. Wonder Vivian tries desperately to escape the burning acid as she feels it, not only burning her skin but dissolving her costume. Can Wonder Vivian escape this trap and bring Mistress Nixxs to justice? Tune in to find out in this exciting conclusion to Wonder Vivian in, "The Academy"

Video Includes:  
Spandex, Pantyhose, Boots, PVC, Costumes, School girl skirt, Hand of over mouth, knock out, Acid showe, Stripped down to Bra and Panties, Struggling while wet in a shower, as her clothing disengages to nothing. Damsel and Peril 

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