Wonder Vivian
"The Academy!"

Part 1 of  3

Mistress Nixxs
by London Shadows


Wonder Vivian 
by Vivian Ireene Pierce

     A recent Problem with major crime sprees, The  IDC has an agent go under cover at a local Academy School for Waverly Girls, ran by Mistress Nixxs.

Agent Vivian Ireene Pierce is sent  to apply for a Position at "The Academy".  Mistress Nixxs is not completely sold as to her inquire.  Pulling out a old family heirloom the Tasmanian diamond she shows it to Vivian.   With a  few slight turns of the hand and agent Vivian Ireene Pierce becomes no match for the Tasmanian's Hypnotic powers!

Mistress Nixxs searches agent Vivian Ireene Pierce over for a wire.  After a few more questions the vindictive villain finds out that she is none other then the infamous "Wonder Vivian".   As she spins around and around from the hypnotic trans, Wonder Vivian transforms into her true nature.  During the transformation Mistress Nixxs takes off to spy on her in a more devious location. 
        Just as she thought, Wonder Vivian comes out of the spin and is no longer under the Tasmanian's Hypnotic trance!  Butt stoking her in the head with her gun gives Mistress Nixxs a little time to access the situation a little more, and to devise a plan for a Amazonian super heroine!

After coming to, Wonder Vivian faces her nemesis,  Mistress Nixxs and finds out that the Tasmanian Diamond didn't have a very good after affect!  Wonder Vivian can not harm Mistress Nixxs at all!   Using a useless lassoing and not able to punch,  Wonder Vivian is a sitting duck!

Video Includes:

Pantyhose, Spandex, De-Belting, De-Booting, Hypnotism, Change Spin, Lasso of Truth, Lassoing, Lasso of Truth, Bullets and Bracelets, Hit over the Head Knock Out, Chloroform Knock Out

Price: $20.00

Running time:   22:45

The Academy
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