Mysteries Ink.

Lady Wisteria
by  Madalynn Raye


Daffney Blake
by  Vivian Ireene Pierce

in Part 1 and/or in full Video
in  Part 2 and/or in full Video

"Daffney Blake" played by Vivian Ireene Pierce.  After a tip from an odd phone call from a women's voice saying, "That there are strange things going on at the old theater on main street, that has something to do with the missing girls."  

Arriving The "MI" gang splits up to look for clues.   Daffney finds some odd saw dust on the floor and some on a table set up.  The table is very dressed up to be in this old building.  A new looking extension cord also very odd place to find one.   

The Crazy Magician "
Lady Wisteria" played by Madalynn Raye was very happy to see her planned worked, and brought her some new assistants!  Was very pleased to see the tall and slender Miss Daffney Blake in her jigsaw room!   "Lady Wisteria" did not waist any time!  Knocks out her volunteer and binds her securely, with thick metal shackles and chains.  Well, can't very well let her new assistant to get a way.

Trying out her tricks that she as had no success with before!  Puts our poor "Daffney" in a very bad Predicament 

Video Includes:  
Costumes, Chloroforming, Limb Pick-up and Dropping,  Magic Tricks, Jigsaw, Basket of the Seven Swords, Metal cuffs, Bondage, Pantyhose, Boots, High Heels, Ball Gag (On Video Gagging), Hypnotism, Damsel In Distress, Struggling, Hat, Panties, Corset. 

Running time:

23 Mins.
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The Best Magician's 
Assistant Ever
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