Mirror World


Ensign Pierce 
by Vivian Ireene Pierce

Ensign Pierce, was looking for signs of life on a Class M Planet.  But, when she was finding a cute little fuzzy creature, someone else was finding her!

Chasing her though a dense forest Ensign Pierce tired to get a way.  With twigs and brush getting in her way she trips and falls.

Kidnapped and taken to another star ship.  Ensign Pierce finds herself in a very bad predicament.


Video Includes:
Chloroform Knock Out, Chase Scene, Carrying, Pantyhose, De-Booting, Leather, Costumes, Boots, Hair Pulling, Rope Bondage, Outside, Kidnapping, 
Damsel in Distress.  
Knocked out tying, light groping 

Price: $14.00

Running time:   15:25

Mirror World
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