Bad Kitty
"Kitty Wants a PlayMate"

Bad Kitty
by  Vivian Ireene Pierce


Lady Liberty / Bad Kitten
by  Nicotine


Bad Kitty has a little plan to corrupt the amazing Amazonian that stands
for everything that is good "Lady Liberty".

Stealing the Tasmanian Diamond, Bad Kitty uses it to lore Lady Liberty into
her trap to turn little miss Goody Tushu into her Playmate and devious companion.
But she's not going out without a fight!

Video Include::
 Spandex, Superheroines, Boots, Cat fighting, Lasso light Bondage, De-Powerment, Control by Lasso, Mask, Leather Gloves, Pantyhose, Costumes. Legs, Hypnosis, Leg scissors. 

Running time:

20:27 Mins.