Wonder Vivian
"Domestic Bliss!"

  Elizabeth Huntington & Gabrielle Del Monaco
Crimson Fox &
Lady Leopard 


Wonder Vivian
by Vivian Ireene Pierce

Crimson Fox and her Sister Lady Leopard, once human but now with Animal DNA spliced with their own, have incredible super human traits and hungers. 

Vivian Ireene Pierce with the IDC is investigating over two dozen  missing children in which they believe is a child slavery ring.  But, the truth is much more horrifying!  

Video Includes:
Spandex, Pantyhose, Boots, Catfights! "Lots and Lots of Catfights"  Gloves,
2 Wonder Vivian Spin Changes, 2 De-Belting, Lassoing.

Price: $20.00

Running time: 28:00

Wonder Vivian "Domestic Bliss"
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