Wonder Vivian
"Comic Book Confidential"

  DarkKnight Damsel
 April Winchester
Star Girl
Gabrielle Del Monaco 


Wonder Vivian
 Vivian Ireene Pierce
Crimson Star
Elizabeth Huntington 

 Summoned from across time and space, the beautiful Wonder Vivian and her little sister, Crimson Star have both been mysteriously transported from their own dimension (the sptly-named "Peril verse") and have now materialized into a strange world known only to it's denizens as "Earth-Prime."

     In every dimension, there is a single focal point, a place of mystical convergence where all the lines of power meet and join as one. On THIS world, that focal point of eldritch power resides.... within a comic-book store!

      Meanwhile, in another part of the PERIL VERSE, the same mysterious force that summoned Wonder Vivian and Crimson Star now also draws in two other heroines from an alternate dimension and delivers them to the "Nexus of All Realities" just as it had with the other two superheroines.

      These two crime fighters (the last two of their kind) are far more battered and weary than the two who came before them. Tired of fighting evil for decades with little or no respite, they welcome the needed break from their backbreaking day-to-day tasks of keeping the city safe and protecting the innocent!

       But what happens when the four should meet! Are they good are they bad, each duo does not know the other. Lasso's come out, fists come out, and it's crazy mess! Spandex, bondage, belt and boots removed, and , cat fights with four sexy ladies!

Video Includes:

Spandex, Pantyhose, Boots, Catfights,  2 De-Belting, 2 Lassoing, Lasso of Truth,  Heat Ray, Stun Gun Knock Out, 4 Superheroines 

Price: $18.00

Running time: 22:11

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